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Natalie Botero, M.A.
Psychic therapist for sensitives, intuitive,
Angelic Channel, Reiki Healer/Instructor
With an M.A. in Counseling

Natalie Botero is a Clairvoyant Empath who works with the Angelic Realm in Psychic Intuitive Counseling and Medically Intuitive Energy Healing. She has a private practice in Roswell, GA and has 11 years of experience in Mental Health working with emotionally challenged children, adolescents, adults, the elderly, and the homeless. She holds a Professional Counseling degree from Argosy University and teaches Reiki Healing, Angelic Communication, Intuitive Healing Development and is a poet and self-published writer.

Since birth, Natalie has been psychic and called to help others with a profound intuitive ability that has proven to be extremely accurate, caring, compassionate and full of empathy and skilled listening. She also has medical intuitive ability where she can sense energetic blockages in the chakra system, thereby helping her accurately assess the root causes of illness so she can provide personal interventions for healing. She has aided countless others come in contact with their Soul’s Purpose, as she passionately works for people facing existential struggles in times of crisis and transition. Her work is designed to help people experience a stronger connection to their Angels and Higher Self and be empowered with the tools to gain self-awareness and break through limiting patterns. Many of her clients experience profound breakthroughs even in the first session.

She aids those with Depression, Anxiety, Spiritual Issues, Finding Life Purpose, Relationships and Families, and Intuitive Development. She facilitates a bi-weekly Spiritual Support Group that incorporates teachings from Marshall Rosenburg’s Nonviolent Communication, and hosts special nights of Angelic Gallery Readings.

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